Unsere Geschichte EN

In the early 1970’s missionaries were first sent to the country of Austria from the UPC of North America.  A small church was established in Vienna and quickly began to grow.  Over the last few decades, the church in Vienna has grown to become one of the strongest churches in the German speaking nations.  It has been able to influence and support the planting and nurturing of churches throughout our entire German speaking region.

In 1998 the UPC Church in Vienna applied for a new church status, namely the “registered religious confessional community”, which was legally created by the Austrian government, and this status was granted to us. In 2018 our status was officially re-confirmed and re-approved by the Government of Austria.  In 2019, the VPKÖ added two additional churches.  Currently, the VPKÖ has three churches that are working together to advance the kingdom of God in Austria.